• The Elusive Elite – Behind The Bilderberg Group

    It’s that time of year again! That’s right, folks. Summer has finally arrived after a HAARPy ol’ Winter and that means that the Bilderbergers will be crawling out of their burrows (or underground bunkers) once again. The Bilderberg story began back in 1954 when the global elite’s first conference, held in Hotel de Bilderberg, Oosterbeek, […]

  • dangers of aluminium

    Aluminium – Not Just In Tinfoil Hats!

    Before we start, let’s just make one thing clear: The body does not need aluminium. Here’s why: – Aluminium creates oxidative stress on cells throughout the body, causing cells to age and damaging DNA. – Aluminium is toxic to your skin. – Aluminium is a suspected cause of osteoporosis as it accumulates in bone tissue, […]

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  • MSG: Is It Worth It?

    “The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] considers the addition of MSG to foods to be “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS). Although many people identify themselves as sensitive to MSG, in studies with such individuals given MSG or a placebo, scientists have not been able to consistently trigger reactions.” That sounds pretty convincing, doesn’t it? Well, […]

  • There’s Nothing Sweet About Aspartame

      Type “aspartame” into YouTube. What do you see? A long list of videos exposing the dangers of this supposedly safe sweetener. The fact that the entire results page is filled with these should be enough to make people question what it actually is they’re putting into their coffee.     Aspartame is made up […]