Thrive (Official Full Documentary)

Regardless of what you believe of any Illuminati Conspiracy, this really is empowering, must-see film making, different from anything you may have seen before – Producer/director/star Gamble (himself from the Proctor & Gamble family) as well as his co-host wife, endeavor to connect the dots in a credible, highly effective way — the suppression of Tesla’s free-energy findings; the harassment, damage, and sometimes murder of inventors getting work done in this field in ways that threaten Big Oil; the calm yet inexorable reorganization of the planet’s nation-states into fewer and fewer continental “unions” (for much easier conquest and control, the film indicates); the clockwork prosperity/depression cycles that enable bankers to gather up the world’s assets at fire sale prices over and over again; the puppet-string manipulation of the two American political parties in order that those in real control can’t ever lose an election; all the details are covered here in this captivating documentary..

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